Sunday, June 26, 2005

An interesting story....
Recently I attended a 4 day summer camp run by Schoenstatt sisters, a Marian order. During prayer we often refer to Mary as Mother Thrice Admirable, a favorite title of the Schoenstatt order. One of the girls was curious where this title came from, and Sister Emily answered with the following story.
In the early 1600's there was a priest named Fr. Rem, a mystic, who was particularly dedicated to Mary. He belonged to a Marian sodality where he there asked the Blessed Mother to reveal to him her favorite title. During the litany of Lorretto, (a very pretty litany) when they sang "Mater Admiribilis", Mother most Admirable, he was elevated and he told the cantor to repeat it three times. Thus Mary revealed her favorite title as Mater ter Admiribilis, or Mother Thrice Admirable.