Saturday, July 30, 2005

All modesty aside......

Finally now that 4-H judging is done, we can brag about our accomplishments. Between Holly, Nick, and I, we won:
  • 21 blue ribbons and 1 red
  • 4 Grand Champion ribbons
  • 3 Reserve Champion ribbons
  • 1 Award of Merit
  • 4 State Fair trips, including Nick's first trip (even though he's too young to take it.)
  • 2 projects on the Alternates list
Projects that we're taking to the State Fair this year:
Holly is taking her impressive Child Development project about helping kids write letters.
I am doing a dramatic interpretation of The Quality of Mercy (From the Merchant of Venice) for performing arts.

(Via: But-I-Digress)

Congratulations Mary for getting your Fashion Show Trip!