Saturday, October 28, 2006


Okay, okay, a REAL post.

A few weeks ago, in my British Letters class, we were reading The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer. If anyone has ever read it, they will then be familiar with, "the general prologue", which is a colorful biography of all the characters in the book. The entire book is in rhyme, and is about a group of pilgrims traveling to visit the bones of St. Thomas Becket. Someone suggests that they have a storytelling contest to make the journey less boring. So these people of extremely differing characters (you'll find if you read the prologue) tell interesting stories. One of our homework assignments was to compose a "general prologue" for ourselves. Mine was as follows:

In our troupe with us was a sister,
And from this journey she got many a-blister.
Of sisters she had four, and brothers had she one.
And when she grew old, she became a nun.
At least that is what I have heard of her,
But they may be rumours, as it were.
She had deep knowledge of the language of Latin.
And her tunic was composed of a fine satin.
Many a-tall tree could she climb,
And she didn't care if she be covered in grime.
With the Church she was quite lovesick,
For if it chanced she'd burn many a-heretic.
That is all I have to say myself;
If you want more, you should ask her yourself!

In that class we just finished reading How the Reformation Happened by Hilaire Belloc. Tedious to read, and I probably wouldn't have read it on my on accord, but, when all's said and done, I'm glad I did. It's ultimately a Catholic view of the Protestant Reformation ... quite interesting. For that book I'm writing an argumentative essay with the question: What means are acceptable for fighting heresy? Should be good (I hope).

I saw a "60 minutes" commercial the other day advertising an interview with Charlie Weis and how he uses profane language during games. I mean really ... is this the best they've got? A football coach swearing at a ref's call? Pathetic. One of their advertisments featured something about how the "Preists aren't going to want to hear that"...They obviously don't know some of the Priests at Notre Dame ;-) It amused me.

I just saw The Prestige ... talk about weird. Relatively clean, though, I must say. But just weird, with a very twisting plot. Huh. Don't think I'd buy it, but I kind of liked it.

And now to leave you with a few random and bizarre quotes that people have said recently.

"You can't outrun a Medusa, but you can outrun a Chameleon...Words to use for life."- Grant

"My resurrected body is gonna be better than your resurrected body."- Holly

"Hic, not to be confused with...Hic"- Magister

I told you it was going to be random!

Next week I should be able to publish my returned Latin composition ;-)