Saturday, February 03, 2007

Childhood innocence....

My sister Holly and I teach a 3rd grade religious ed. class once a month, and today the lesson was about the popes. So, as an activity, some of the kids decided to write letters to the Pope. They're very sweet, so I thought I'd share some of them.

This one is my favorite:
Dear Pope Benedict,
I live in Minnesota. I have five sisters and one brother who is in Heaven. I think you are a great Pope. I am 8 how old are you?

This one amused me:
Dear Holy Father,
Do you go to mass every day? If you go to Church every day that's big! I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It's cool here.
We made a big chain of all the popes
[referring to a paper chain we made in class]. We even read every popes name!
Who is your favorite pope besides you. My favorite pope is you!

The kids were very fascinated to find out that Papa B has an ipod ...
Dear Pope Benedict,
What's your favorite song on your ipod? My brother has one.
Do you go to mass every day? How much time do you spend in prayer.
I am 8. My name is Patrick. Have a great day.
A Catholic,

Dear Pope Benedict,
I think your a great pope. Please pray for us. My name is Grace I live in Minnesota. I am in 3rd grade my hair is brown I'm a girl I'm Catholic. What is your favorite song to listen to on your I-pod. We made a pope chain we are going to send a picture to you. If you are wandering what I mean by us it's my family formation class where we learn about Jesus and God. My teachers for family formation are Holly and Jenny, I think their great teachers.
Write back soon (please)
God Bless,

Dearest Holy Father,
May the Lord bless you!
Whats your favorite song?
I'm a third grader. I have brown eyes, tan skin, and brown hair. I go to Catholic Montasori school called The Way of the Sheperd. It's the only catholic montasori school in Minnesota! I have 2 brothers and 1 sister I'm the second child in my family. My birthday is Febuary 7th. I'm praying for you.
Please write back soon
Your admirer,