Sunday, April 29, 2007

First Communion

With my First Communion anniversary coming up soon (May 7) I began reflecting on the Eucharist and what it really means to me. I surprised when I began thinking about it, how much I take it for granted and sometimes receive communion out of subconscious habit. I pulled together a few random thoughts:

Anytime we wish, we can receive Jesus -Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. HE is at OUR disposal.
The creator of the ENTIRE universe comes to us. In the form of bread and wine no less.
At Mass, we join Mary and John in Calvary at the foot of the cross; we take part in the greatest event in the history of mankind. When the priest raises the host during Consecration, Heaven and earth collide. Angels bow before, what is seemingly to our human perception, simply bread and wine. When the Host touches our tongue, we take part in the consummation of Christ's marriage to the Church. No where else can we experience Christ in such a real, true, profound, and absolute way. This Sacrament is the Source and Summit of our entire Catholic faith. Nothing else on earth will ever matter this much.
Jesus said, "This IS my body" - And he meant it. Really.

In the Eucharist is mercy;
in it is love;
in it is strength;
in it is joy;
in it is hope;
in it is all things good.

Jesus loves us that much.

And, like Flannery O' Conner said, "If it's only a symbol- to Hell with it."